• Ashley Bray

Pumpkin Patch Parade

Please enjoy my recent submission to #FallWritingFrenzy

For my #SCBWI #12x12PB and #writingcommunity friends. It will give you all the fall feels!

Crispy brown crunches under the wobbly wheelbarrow.


Sun kissed kids bound along the garden path.

Their excited squeals echo in the empty air.

Moms and dads lagging behind with the littlest ones.

They have waited all summer.

First fragile flowers,

then shy squash

peaking through green leaves,

And now, glorious garden giants.

Burnt orange to ghoulish pale green.

Leathery, lumpy, bumpy.

Loose leaves swirl in airborne summersaults,

gathering in corners,

and conspiring against the cold.

They have waited all summer.


Gleeful children begin their inspection

both meticulous and haphazard.

Knocking, rubbing, rolling, lifting.

“Careful of the stem!”

Cornstalks whistling in approval,

rustling their applause.

Sunflowers droop for a closer view.

Toothy, gaping grins

in the spaces stolen seeds have left behind.

Wagons fill,

Atlantic Giant, Fairytale,



Each hollow canvas full of possibility.

Will it be

Early King, Funny Face, Big Moon, or

One Too Many?


each selection carefully made,

each child's face smudged and dirty,

tired and content.

It is time to leave,

parents shepherd them away and groan

under the weight of pumpkin plenty.

The field becomes quiet,

light and warmth losing their hold on the land.

The waiting begins again.

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