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Benny Bunny's Very Bad Day

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Spring has sprung!

I am happy to share this super short story and fantastic GIF (that I discovered while replying to some great #kidlit industry conversation on Twitter). The GIF along with our family's own fabulous fluffy bunny inspired the following story.

Big thanks to Ciara O'Neal, helpers and donors for hosting another great #kidlit event. #SpringFling 2021 here we come!

Check out Ciara's site for more info and many many more entries!


By Ashley Bray

What a terrible day!

Benny was frazzled, frustrated and just plain fed-up!

JJ had danced out the door early that morning with his shiny new shoes and bumblebee backpack… without Benny!

Benny didn't get new shoes or a cool backpack,

not even carrot sticks for snack.

Benny got a babysitting job.

And JJ’s little sister was messy, noisy, and naughty.

The day went how you might expect...

All Benny wanted was to forget about the unfortunate lipstick event,

the semi permanent marker,

and worst of all--

the glitter!

To top it off, Benny missed JJ.

Only one thing could sooth his frazzled nerves...

Time for a soak.

He closed his eyes and hummed to the lullaby of gently frothing foam.

With wrinkled toes and fur back to its usual lustrous brown,

Benny opened his eyes.

And there,

waiting with a warm towel and a big smile was JJ.

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